This is our new track called "Connections 49".
This song will be released on 31st of March on your favourite record company:
Introduce Records.
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Here is Acid Invaders' brand new remix from Alt-J's Breezeblocks.


Acid Invaders is currently touring across Europe & USA.
You can follow their next gig in your city here.

The Acid Invaders fire up the aural firmament with their debut self-titled album, “Acid Invaders” due out on
Introduce Records in April 2nd. Fusing dubstep influences with ravey synths, funky acid basslines to hardcore techno beats, ‘The Acid Invaders’
unleash a powerhouse of techno house tracks on their riveting debut, which includes their singles “Rave On Kids” (now out on promo in re-rubbed
2012 style) and “Change”, which counts a Kevin Saunderson stunning Remix at the end of last year.

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